August 10, 2020

Group sending absentee ballot applications to voters

A group is sending absentee ballot applications to voters throughout the state. While the ballots are valid, they are still causing some to question whether they are official.

The ballots come from the Center for Voter Information, which is affiliated with the Voter Participation Center.

Previously, NM Political Report wrote about the VPC sending voter registration forms to tens-of-thousands of eligible but unregistered voters.

Some people have reached out to NM Political Report after receiving the ballot applications in the mail with concerns if they are valid.

The Secretary of State’s office told NM Political that the applications are from the office’s online form and are legitimate. Those who fill them out and return them to the state will receive absentee ballots.

“The mailings themselves are not from any County Clerk or our office, but CVI is using the application form that voters can already download from our office (or get from their County Clerk) and mail to their County Clerk in order to request an absentee ballot for the General Election,” SOS spokesman Alex Curtas said in an email.

But those that aren’t comfortable using the form from CVI or any other group can request their own absentee vote via the Secretary of State’s website or through their county clerk.

The online portal for requesting absentee ballots will open later this month.

Don’t expect the ballots anytime, soon, however. 

County clerks can begin sending out absentee ballots to voters on October 6. The last day that eligible voters can request an absentee ballot is October 20.