December 8, 2020

No COVID-19 update on Tuesday because of internet outage


The state Department of Health announced that there would not be an update on new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday because of a state government internet network outage that impacted the department’s electronic laboratory reporting system.

DOH continues to alert those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and conduct contact tracing, a press release from the state said.

Tuesday’s information will be announced on Wednesday, at the same time as Wednesday’s numbers. Both will be separated so the individual days’ data will be available.

The outage impacted other state agencies, as well as websites and email systems, according to the state Department of Information Technology.

“The Department of Information Technology was alerted of intermittent disruption of Internet services this morning,” DoIT Secretary John Salazar said in a statement. “DoIT personnel immediately began troubleshooting the issues with Lumen CenturyLink engineers, who after several hours of troubleshooting discovered the source of the issue and were able to fix it in the early afternoon. DoIT and Lumen personnel are currently investigating the root cause leading to the disruption of services.”

As of Monday, the state reported 109,947 confirmed cases of COVID-19 cases and 1,756 deaths related to the disease.