Republicans block bill criminalizing false water quality data

Cloudy, brown and rank water flowed from the taps of homes in the northwest corner of New Mexico. Some of those who drank it say they became nauseous. They complained of cramps, headaches and diarrhea. Thousands of people were told to boil their water to guard against illness. Farmington-area residents whose homes are hooked up to the Animas Valley Water system said the water also damaged their water heaters, washing machines and clothes.

50th anniversary report examines Medicaid in New Mexico

SANTA FE, N.M. – A new report shows how many people in New Mexico benefit from Medicaid as the program’s 50th anniversary on July 30 draws near. Judy Solomon, vice president of health policy with the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, says Medicaid provides health coverage for 576,100 low-income seniors, children and people with disabilities in the state. She says it’s especially helpful for New Mexico’s youngest residents. “Less than 10 percent of kids are uninsured, and that is because of Medicaid,” says Solomon. “There is no way you would have a percentage like that without the Medicaid program that’s covering almost 350,000 kids.”

Motorcycle helmet bills fail in committee

Two bills related to helmets for motorcyclists failed to pass a Senate committee on Tuesday afternoon. The bills each failed to pass on bipartisan, 4-3 votes in the Senate Public Affairs Committee. Each piece of legislation was sponsored by committee chair Jerry Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque. The first bill would have required all those riding motorcycles to wear helmets or face hefty fines. Even when the fines were reduced, it still failed to have the support of a majority of the panel.