September 6, 2016

Former State Senator to head progressive group


Matthew Reichbach

Eric Griego at the State Capitol in 2012.

The Working Families Party tapped a former State Senator and Albuquerque City Councilor to head the organization in New Mexico.

Eric Griego at the State Capitol in 2012.

Matthew Reichbach

Eric Griego at the State Capitol in 2012.

The progressive group made the announcement just before Labor Day that Eric Griego is the group’s new state director.

“As an elected official and community leader, Eric had one of the strongest records in New Mexico of standing by working families even when others in both parties wavered,” SouthWest Organizing Project Executive Director Javier Benavidez said. Benavidez is also on the board of the state’s Working Families Party.

The Working Families Party is active in nine other states and the District of Columbia.

The group previously announced support for two candidates in Democratic primaries. Both candidates, State Rep. Wonda Johnson and State Sen. Benny Shendo, both won their primaries.

The Working Families Party ran radio ads supporting Johnson and Shendo.

“We are excited that Eric Griego has joined the WFP team to fight for working families in New Mexico,” WFP National Director Dan Cantor said. “He is a leading progressive voice in New Mexico policy and politics and has demonstrated what it takes to fight for real progressive change.”