New York, NY USA - July 16, 2016: Donald Trump speaks during introduction Governor Mike Pence as running for vice president at Hilton hotel Midtown Manhattan

La actividad de Trump tras bastidores en “97’ fue exagerada” dice anterior Miss Teen NM

El candidato presidencial Republicano Donald Trump supuestamente se apareció detrás del escenario antes de un concurso de belleza en 1997, cuando algunas de las concursantes aún se estaban vistiendo.  

Una concursante anterior de Miss Teen New Mexico de ese año confirmó que Trump estuvo tras bastidores antes del concurso de Miss Teen USA, pero dijo a NM Political Report que algunos de los reportes sobres sus acciones han sido exagerados. Victoria Hughes, Miss Teen New Mexico de 1997, dijo que se acuerda algunos chaperones “diciendo que tuvimos un visitante y de cubrirse,” pero se detuvo antes de acusar a Trump de comportamiento inapropiado. “Mientras que no apoyo a Donald Trump, los reportes que él entró sin aviso en el vestidor de las chicas adolescentes no es correcto,” Hughes escribió en un correo electrónico a NM Political Report. “Nuestros chaperones jamás habrían permitido que esto suceda, y nadie, ni Donald, merece ser desacreditado de tal manera.


House GOP sent political email to school district employees

Some staff and faculty of a school district in northern New Mexico are questioning how and why the House Republican caucus sent a mass email criticizing a Democratic lawmaker. Two days into the 2016 special session, a number of teachers and staff with Los Alamos Public Schools received a press release from GOP leaders at the state House of Representatives in their work email inboxes. The press release appeared to come from House Republicans and admonished Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard, D-Los Alamos, for a vote she made the night before. “Stephanie Garcia Richard voted to raid $25 million from New Mexico school district savings accounts last night,” the press release read. “The schools in her district would have lost $1.72 million under the proposal she voted to support.”

An educator, Garcia Richard said she took issue with the press release being sent to official school emails.

Bernie Sanders at a Hillary Clinton rally in Albuquerque

Sanders: Trump campaign ‘based on racism,’ ‘sexism,’ ‘dividing us’

Between campaign rallies in Colorado and Arizona for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders stopped in Albuquerque to spoke at a short rally for the Democratic nominee for president. Coming off his loss to Clinton in a contested race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders focused his speech on policies on which both he and the former U.S. Secretary of State agree. The independent U.S. Senator from Vermont also spent much of his 30 minutes criticizing Republican nominee Donald Trump, whom he called “racist,” “xenophobic” and “sexist.”

“We cannot support a candidate who is running a campaign based on racism, based on sexism, based on dividing us up,” Sanders told a crowd of roughly 1,000 people gathered Tuesday in the middle of the University of New Mexico campus. “That is not acceptable.”

Sanders listed off Clinton’s stances on issues like campaign finance reform, climate change, raising taxes on the wealthy and immigration. For example, Sanders said he and Clinton both support doubling federal funding for community health centers and forgiving student debt on doctors and health care workers who commit to practicing in underserved areas after graduation.


Former election foe stands by hacking allegations against Senate candidate

More than a year before announcing his candidacy in a high-profile race for a state senate seat, Diego Espinoza filed a defamation lawsuit against a 2014 Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. The lawsuit alleged that Espinoza experienced “public and personal humiliation,” among other damages, after candidate David Clements accused him of hacking his campaign email account. Now, nine months after a judge dismissed the case with prejudice, Clements can still publicly make the allegation against Espinoza. “If there’s any benefit or silver lining to deal with Espinoza’s frivolous lawsuit, it’s that to the day I die I can tell anyone who asks me, ‘Yeah, he hacked me,’” Clements, who ran for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in 2014 on a libertarian-minded platform, said. Espinoza was campaign manager for Clements’ Republican primary opponent Allen Weh.

Maggie Toulouse Oliver, left, and Nora Espinoza, right, square off in a Oct. 16, 2016 debate.

Secretary of State hopefuls face off in debate

In a debate characterized by a negative tone not unlike the recent showdowns between presidential candidates, both candidates for New Mexico Secretary of State laid out their visions for the office. Democratic candidate and current Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver started by invoking the only reason the office is up for grabs this year in the first place. “We had a secretary of state who violated the very laws and ethics that she was charged with upholding,” Toulouse Oliver said. “I’m running to restore integrity, transparency and trust in the Secretary of State’s office.”

Former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, a Republican who beat Toulouse Oliver in the election for the office two years ago, last year pleaded guilty to using her campaign funds to fuel a gambling habit. Duran, a Republican, resigned from office, spent 30 days in jail and is currently on five years of probation.


‘Threatening’ GOP mailer angers recipients

“When Democrats win the election and you didn’t do your part to stop it… Your neighbors will know.”

That’s the message on a mailer from the New Mexico Republican Party encouraging early voting. This piece originally appeared at New Mexico In Depth and is reprinted with permission. But not everyone is thrilled by it. “I feel like this is a threat,” said Dusty Deen, a 35-year-old Roswell resident who received the mailer this week. The flier features a woman peeking out her blinds “as though she voted for Hillary and they’re forming a mob,” said Deen, who is an unaffiliated voter..