Gary Johnson at a University of New Mexico rally  in October of 2016.

Johnson run could push NM Libertarian Party into major party status

New Mexico could see a Libertarian primary election on the same day as the Democratic and Republican primaries in 2018. That will depend on the outcome of this year’s presidential election and if the state’s Libertarian Party can boost its membership numbers. Currently the Libertarian Party is considered a minor party in New Mexico, along with the Green and Constitutional parties. But if at least 5 percent of voters in New Mexico vote for the party’s presidential nominee, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party will be on its way to be considered a “major party” in the state and qualify for its own primary election. Johnson is currently polling in the 5 to 10 percent range nationally, but in New Mexico he is polling as high as 24 percent.

Laura Gutierrez, center, speaks at a January 2016 press conference in Albuquerque. Her son Michael Bruening is pictured second from right.

AG says APS violated open records law. Now they’re still denying a mother the documents

For more than a year, Laura Gutierrez has been at standstill in a dispute with the state’s largest public school district. Gutierrez is seeking records from an internal investigation of an Albuquerque Public Schools police officer that came after she alleged the officer tased her son during the fall of 2014. While APS handed over a memo stating that the investigation cleared the officer of any wrongdoing, it also withheld releasing supporting documents like a field investigator’s supplemental report, witness statements and a forensic interview conducted with Gutierrez’s son, Michael Bruening. “I should be able to know what my son said in the interview,” Gutierrez, who formerly went by the name Laura Bruening, told NM Political Report. Gregory Williams, an Albuquerque attorney and president of the pro-transparency New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, agrees.

Navajo Nation Vice President Vice President Jonathan Nez

Navajo Nation president, VP endorse Clinton

Top leadership of the Navajo Nation endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president Friday. The Democratic National Committee announced the support of Navajo Nation president, Russell Begaye, and Vice President, Jonathan Nez, on Friday. The endorsements came as part of the DNC’s bus tour, which traveled to Albuquerque earlier that same day. Begaye praised Clinton’s work with Native Americans both during the campaign and during her time as U.S. Senator from New York. “In this campaign, she has committed to serving tribal nations through strengthening public safety, combating drugs and alcohol, advocating for access to high quality education, improving Indian health care, and fighting for our Native American veterans,” Begaye said.

Mike Pence at rally in Albuquerque on Oct. 20, 2016.

Pence rallies Trump supporters in ABQ

On his second campaign visit to Albuquerque in three months, Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence repeated many of the statements he touched on during his first visit. “When I get up in the morning, I’ve got to turn on the television with a stick,” the Indiana governor said, repeating a lament he said in August aimed at perceived media bias against Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. “The party in power just can’t seem to figure out my running mate,” Pence continued. “And of course, I’m talking about the media.”

Pence held the rally at the Hilton Embassy Suites near downtown Albuquerque. Saying media coverage of Trump’s scandals still hasn’t eliminated him from contention, Pence stated that the coverage is “kind of fun to watch.”

“They got one tweet and they think they got him,” Pence said, “and they get up the next morning and Donald Trump is still standing.”

Pence criticized media for ignoring “an avalanche of controversies” surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

New York, NY USA - July 16, 2016: Donald Trump speaks during introduction Governor Mike Pence as running for vice president at Hilton hotel Midtown Manhattan

La actividad de Trump tras bastidores en “97’ fue exagerada” dice anterior Miss Teen NM

El candidato presidencial Republicano Donald Trump supuestamente se apareció detrás del escenario antes de un concurso de belleza en 1997, cuando algunas de las concursantes aún se estaban vistiendo.  

Una concursante anterior de Miss Teen New Mexico de ese año confirmó que Trump estuvo tras bastidores antes del concurso de Miss Teen USA, pero dijo a NM Political Report que algunos de los reportes sobres sus acciones han sido exagerados. Victoria Hughes, Miss Teen New Mexico de 1997, dijo que se acuerda algunos chaperones “diciendo que tuvimos un visitante y de cubrirse,” pero se detuvo antes de acusar a Trump de comportamiento inapropiado. “Mientras que no apoyo a Donald Trump, los reportes que él entró sin aviso en el vestidor de las chicas adolescentes no es correcto,” Hughes escribió en un correo electrónico a NM Political Report. “Nuestros chaperones jamás habrían permitido que esto suceda, y nadie, ni Donald, merece ser desacreditado de tal manera.


House GOP sent political email to school district employees

Some staff and faculty of a school district in northern New Mexico are questioning how and why the House Republican caucus sent a mass email criticizing a Democratic lawmaker. Two days into the 2016 special session, a number of teachers and staff with Los Alamos Public Schools received a press release from GOP leaders at the state House of Representatives in their work email inboxes. The press release appeared to come from House Republicans and admonished Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard, D-Los Alamos, for a vote she made the night before. “Stephanie Garcia Richard voted to raid $25 million from New Mexico school district savings accounts last night,” the press release read. “The schools in her district would have lost $1.72 million under the proposal she voted to support.”

An educator, Garcia Richard said she took issue with the press release being sent to official school emails.