January 21, 2017

[PHOTOS] Albuquerque Women’s March


Andy Lyman

Crowd at the Albuquerque Women's March in January, 2017.

An estimated 6,000 people showed up in Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza Saturday to join in a nationwide women’s march against newly sworn-in President Donald Trump.

Below, NM Political Report caught up with a few of the protestors.

Albuquerque Women's March

Anna, pictured right: “I’m here because I don’t like the new president. I’m living here temporarily, but I still think that I can’t not protest again him. There are so many things I dislike about him. The whole thing on Planned Parenthood, that it’s being threatened. It is just ridiculous. Don’t go backwards. And he’s disrespectful. He mocks people.”

Stef, pictured left: “I’m here to fight back against the anti-left sentiment currently in politics. I think the worst thing is [Trump’s] lack of preparedness. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s appointing people who also don’t know what they’re doing. Or worse, they do know what they’re doing and it’s not good.”

Albuquerque Women's March

Janet, pictured left: “I’m a scientist, so I dislike his denial of information that the vast majority of scientists in the world agree to be true. And he just denies it. But I also just dislike that he seems to encourage—even if he doesn’t say it in so many words—he encourages people to hate and discriminate between people who are different, and I don’t have any place for that in my world.”

Dave, pictured right: “There’s too many things (to say about why I don’t like Trump). I could start off by saying arrogance. Extreme arrogance. He thinks he can get away with everything that he’s been doing.”

Albuquerque Women's March

Joanie, pictured left: “My major issue is the environment, so I’m really concerned about his non-believing in climate change and how that’s going to affect us on an individual level in this country.”

Helena, pictured right: “A big one that frightens me is he seems to want to deregulate everything, and that bothers me especially. And the second thing is, I really believe that everybody’s created equal. And when he starts talking about LGBT rights, all of that stuff, I want to punch him.”

Diane Denish speaking at the Albuquerque Women's March

Former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish: “Yesterday the devil whispered in our ear, ‘You are not strong enough to stand the storm.’ Today we whisper back, ‘We are the storm.'”

More scenes from the event are pictured below.

Albuquerque Women's March

Trump protest sign at Albuquerque Women's March

Andy Lyman

Trump protest sign at Albuquerque Women’s March

Albuquerque Women's March

Protest sign at the Albuquerque Women's March

Andy Lyman

Protest sign at the Albuquerque Women’s March

Albuquerque Women's March