January 7, 2015

Welcome to New Mexico Political Report

Welcome to New Mexico Political Report.

NMPR aims for reporting and insight into New Mexico politics through a mix of longform features and breaking news. We recognize that some stories demand articles of 2,000 words or even a series of articles while others require a video segment, compelling audio clip or up-to-the-minute blog post.

Our experienced and agile news team will cover the latest that goes on in the state legislature and New Mexico politics while also going a step further to give the full context of the issues.

We’ll examine important angles you won’t find elsewhere, such as how environmental concerns intersect with industries or what role New Mexico plays in the debate surrounding reproductive rights. And we’ll look beyond Albuquerque and Santa Fe into issues vital to the public interest throughout the state.

In short, NMPR plans to deliver proof of our motto: “New Mexico’s best political reporting. Period.”