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NM Political Report is a non-profitnews organization focused on promoting a greater public understanding of politics and policy in the state of New Mexico.

Our enterprise and investigative pieces go beyond the press releases and soundbites to cover issues grounded in and responsive to our communities as told by those through the states impacted by those politics and policies.

Where possible we deliberately seek to include voices that represent New Mexico's unique demography and those not normally represented in traditional media.

NM Political Report is built to deliver real news as fast as it happens in the digital age.  Our cutting edge platform allows us to share new stories in real time and engage readers however they choose to access it online.

Traditional news outlets are shrinking their newsroom staffs and, while government and social issues grow more complex, political and feature reporters are often the first to be let go. That means less reporting on the people and issues in politics affecting New Mexicans most.

So we are doing something about it. We assembled some of New Mexico's top political reporters to take an in-depth look at politics and how it impacts New Mexicans everyday.

Launched in January 2015, NM Political Report is an online news platform focused on political news, in-depth analysis of critical issues and the voices of insightful people like you.

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