December 2, 2015

Three things to look for on December 2

Sorry, you won’t get a four-day weekend this week like last week, so today’s Wednesday is just that—another Wednesday.

Still, there are some things to look forward to here on Wednesday, December 2.

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1. Legislation to increase criminal penalties

Jail CellWith this year shaping up to be a year with a lot of debate on crimes, as we said yesterday, the Courts, Corrections and Justice Interim Committee has a docket chock full of interesting legislation to look at.

In the third and final day of the committee’s meeting in Santa Fe, the committee will hear about an expanded three strikes law (well, two bills that seek to do just that), establishing a crime of DWI with a minor in the car, removing the age distinction in cases of intentional abuse of a child resulting in death and adding law enforcement to the list of protected classes by the state Hate Crimes Act.

2. Hemp rides again

industrialhempThe interim committee will also hear about legislation that was vetoed by Gov. Susana Martinez last year. The legislation would allow the Department of Agriculture to adopt rules to allow research on industrial hemp in New Mexico; a recent federal change allowed states to conduct such research.

In a 30-day session, however, Gov. Susana Martinez would have to put it on the call for the legislation to be considered. Following the veto, it isn’t likely.

3. Albuquerque to say goodbye to Foster

Former World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion Bob Foster passed away last week. Today there will be a tribute and funeral service for Foster at 11 AM at God’s House Church.

Foster was one of the major parts of a legacy of boxing in New Mexico; he held the Light Heavyweight title form 1968 to 1974 and is considered one of the greatest of all time at that weightclass. He retired holding the belt in 1974 (though he, as so many boxers do, returned later to less success). He so dominated the light heavyweight ranks that he moved up to heavyweight for title fights against Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali.

Foster was also a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Sergeant and Air Force veteran.