December 9, 2015

Three things to look for on December 9

Here are three things to look for on Wednesday, December 9.

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1. Rio Rancho capital outlay forum

Republican legislators from Rio Rancho will meet tonight to discuss capital outlay projects.

The meeting will take place at the Rio Rancho Public Schools District Board Room at 6:00 p.m.

“For the first time, Republican legislators representing Rio Rancho will  present a capital outlay project recommendation of our own,” Sen. Craig Brandt said in a statement. “I think the public will be very interested in this, I hope they come to the capital outlay forum in December to hear about our recommendation and to hear others’ recommendations for capital spending.”

No word if Democratic state Senator John Sapien, who represents part of the city will attend.

2. LFC meeting day three 

The third day of the big Legislative Finance Committee December meeting, the last one until the day before the legislative session, will feature some cabinet secretaries from high profile departments.

The heads of the Children, Youth and Families Department and Department of Health will update the committee in the morning, then the Human Services Department head will take the first post-lunch spot. The interim committee will also hear on “special, supplemental, deficiency and IT requests” as well as recommendations from the Tobacco Settlement Revenue Oversight interim committee and the Transportation Infrastructure Revenue Committee.

Tomorrow, PED Secretary Hanna Skandera will get her spot on the hot seat, along with the Department of Transportation and Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department secretaries.

The hearing runs through Friday.

3. 1 Million Cups ABQ

The latest 1 Million Cups event in Albuquerque will take place this morning at the FatPipe ABQ space.

From the Facebook event page:

This week we’re excited to hear from Soteria Group, a company that designs safer, more effective environments.

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