December 16, 2015

Three things to look for on December 16

Well, it certainly has been a busy December week already, hasn’t it?

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Here are three things to look for on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

1. Dianna Duran’s big decision

Will Dianna Duran decide to accept the penalty of 30 days in jail (and the myriad of other things, including fines and community service) or will she withdraw her guilty pleas and go back to contesting the 65-counts against her?

Duran has until noon today to decide.

2. Pre-filed legislation

This actually started yesterday, and we saw legislation on the solar tax credit extension and the constitutional amendment to give judges more discretion on withholding bail for those they deem dangerous.

The pre-filing of legislation will continue until just before the session.

It also serves as a reminder that, yes, we really are that close to the legislative session already.

3. Interim committees

Two interim committees meet today; it’s the second, and final, day of the Revenue Stabilization & Tax Policy Committee meeting and the first day of a three-day Legislative Education Study Committee meeting.

The LESC meeting will include looks at the Public Education Department’s budget requests; with education as such a significant portion of the state’s budget this is alway something worth watching.

Webcasts are available here.

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