December 21, 2015

Ferrary confirms she will run for state House again

If Terry McMillan is willing, Joanne Ferrary is up for the trilogy in a House race in the Las Cruces area. She confirmed the news on Monday afternoon.

Joanne Ferrary

Joanne Ferrary

After losing a heartbreaker that included a recount and an eight-vote margin in 2012, Ferrary again had a relatively close race in 2014 but in the Republican wave, lost again, this time by just over 400 votes.

Now, an email to supporters forwarded to NM Political Report indicates she is in for a third race for the seat held by McMillan.

We once again came very close to winning, in mid term election standards, and I strongly believe that we can WIN this seat in 2016! I have continued to be engaged in our community to make it an even better place to live for everyone, not just a few!

NM Political Report also confirmed with Ferrary over the phone that she will be running again. She said that she thinks this year is the year, with a presidential election helping with voter turnout.

With Republicans hoping to hold onto control of the House, which they took over for the first time since the Eisenhower administration in the 2014 elections, House District 37 will be a key race.

With many districts being non-competitive, it will be the handful of close districts that will decide which party decides the chamber for the final two years of Susana Martinez’s time in office. Republicans won every closely contested seat in the 2014 elections, in a year that was extremely favorable to Republicans nationwide.

Ferrary said it would be “wonderful” if Democrats were to win the seat, saying they would be able to pass some things that have waited for a few years—possibly more in some instances.