January 25, 2016

Odds and Ends from the Roundhouse Jan. 25

-The House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee shot down a bill to raise tax rates on the richest 2 percent of the state.

– The House Judiciary Committee met for more than four hours before voting to pass Rep. Paul Pacheco’s Driver’s License bill. A majority of the debate focused on a line by line, compare and contrast session by Rep. Ken Martinez, D-Grants. By the end of his comments, Martinez digressed to stories of him taking a test to get his motorcycle license.

-Not only did Rep. Paul Pacheco, R-Albuquerque, see his driver’s licence bill pass the committee today, but it was also his birthday.

-Rep. Sarah Maestas Barnes, R-Albuquerque, got a quick do-pass from the House Judiciary Committee for her two bills. One would provide money to clear backlogged rape kits around the state. The other would add money to provide more rape crisis services.