February 29, 2016

Odds and Ends: Martinez leads RGA panic call over Trump

—Gov. Susana Martinez and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker reportedly convened a phone meeting of Republican governors on Monday to discuss Donald Trump. From Politico:

Trump’s march to the nomination has set off a wave of anxiety across the Republican Party establishment as top officials weigh whether to endorse him — or denounce him as anathema to the party’s values. Reflecting that angst, on Monday morning, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the heads of the Republican Governors Association, convened fellow governors for an unusual conference call to discuss how the primary was unfolding — and Trump was a central topic of conversation.

At one point during Monday’s call, which lasted around 30 minutes, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to discuss last week’s bombshell decision to back Trump. According to two sources familiar with the call, Christie mounted a detailed defense of his endorsement, explaining that he’d known the real estate executive for over a decade and had grown confident in his ability to lead the country.

Dealing with a Trump nomination could be a big task for Martinez as head of the Republican Governors Association. Twelve states have gubernatorial elections this year and her role as RGA chair is to make sure Republicans win those elections.

—An AP reporter on Twitter said the wire service asked Susana Martinez if she would support the party’s eventual nominee, which increasingly looks like Trump, and she gave no answer.

Martinez has as of yet declined to endorse any of the Republican candidates.

—Martinez signed some pieces of legislation already, in addition to the budget (with some line-item vetoes).

She signed a law that would allow judges to use juvenile records in sentencing (which supporters dubbed “Jaydon’s Law” after a child who was killed in a driveby shooting) and a bill that would increase information on mental health given on background checks from those seeking to buy firearms.

She also signed legislation to help fund local cemeteries for veterans and four other bills designed to help veterans.