March 22, 2016

Odds and Ends: Missing flying saucer

Photo Credit: shaynabright cc

—The town of Roswell is looking for a flying saucer.

Photo Credit: shaynabright  cc

Photo Credit: shaynabright cc

Roswell police are looking for, and yes they’re serious, a missing flying saucer.

The town is famous for aliens after an incident in 1947 has a lot of alien decorations and alien-themed restaurants. These include, of course, flying saucers, including the one that went missing on Saturday night.

Police said, via Facebook, that thieves took a silver saucer that is made of fiberglass and metal, including stainless steel, from the town’s UFO museum overnight this weekend.

Police say it happened just before 3:30 a.m. when three people loaded the saucer in a red pickup truck and drove off. Apparently the flying saucer is not operational and cannot fly on its own.

Police ask anyone who sees an out-of-place flying saucer to call and report it.

—Enviro groups happy about Chaco Canyon drilling pause

Environmental groups are praising a Bureau of Land Management decision to postpone selling leases for parcels near the ancient monument.

This comes from E&E News, a subscription service, which notes the BLM has not confirmed this yet.

The Western Environmental Law Center issued a press release about the delay for oil and gas leases, which would include fracking.

“Deferring these parcels was the right, and indeed only legally defensible decision,” said Kyle Tisdel, Attorney and Climate & Energy Program Director for the Western Environmental Law Center. “Necessary safeguards and analysis must be completed before any further leasing and development of the area’s treasured landscapes can continue.”

“Fracking is an insult to Navajos in Greater Chaco because it not only compromises the cultural landscape, the land and air quality, but it also threatens our water resources,” said Carol Davis of Diné Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment. “Water is a scarce resource for many Navajos across the reservation; many people do not have access to safe and clean drinking water.”

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