April 6, 2016

More Martinez-for-VP speculation on Fox News

Susana Martinez in a screenshot from Fox News.

Once again, pundits are saying that Susana Martinez is a potential vice presidential pick for the eventual Republican nominee.

Susana Martinez in a screenshot from Fox News.

Susana Martinez in a screenshot from Fox News.

This time, it was Lee Carter of Maslanksy and Partners. Carter appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss possible choices to fill out the Republican presidential ticket that businessman Donald Trump.

Carter outlined women as possible “counterbalances” to Trump. Trump is extremely unpopular among women.

“There’s several women who are very, very qualified. We’ve got the Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley,” Carter said. “We’ve got the Governor in New Mexico, Governor Martinez. She’s very, very qualified. They’re both second-term governors. In New Mexico we have the first Latina governor.”

She went on about the two governors’ experience.

“They’re experienced governors. They’re experienced in getting things done, in negotiating, in getting balance,” Carter said. “So I think whoever he chooses, whether it’s a man or a woman, should be somebody who balances out his experience, one, a businessman, the other one I think should have experience governing, saying that they can negotiate across the aisle, getting things done.”

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said earlier this year they want Susana Martinez to be the Republican pick for Vice President.

Martinez has said repeatedly over the years that she would not be on a presidential ticket. She cited her work as governor and the need to take care of her sister, Lettie, who has cerebral palsy.

She also condemned comments Trump made about Mexican immigrants when he launched his presidential campaign. Trump said that Mexico was sending rapists and drug dealers to the United States.

She called the comment “uncalled for” and “horrible things to say about anyone or any culture.”

Martinez endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio shortly before he dropped out of the race. Rubio mentioned Martinez as a possible vice presidential candidate.

Since Rubio dropped out, Martinez hasn’t endorsed another candidate.

New Mexico’s primary takes place on June 7.

Delegation scenarios

Trump is currently leading the Republican field in delegates, though he will have a difficult time amassing a majority of delegates ahead of the convention. This leads some to believe there will be a contested convention; this means that if no one receives a majority of delegates, the delegates will continue to vote until one person has a majority of delegates.

Vice presidential candidates are also chosen at the delegation. Huffington Post wrote about the process earlier this week and noted that it is normally “little more than a procedural check mark.”

More from the website:

Presumably, if the convention settled on a candidate squarely on the first or second ballot, the delegates would defer to their candidate’s decision for a running mate. But if multiple ballots take place with no clear resolution, the backlash could spill over into the vote for the vice presidential nominee. One could for instance foresee a scenario in which Trump wins the nomination, but establishment forces push for a more palatable choice as their vice presidential nominee as a check against Trump’s candidacy in the general election.