April 15, 2016

Martinez ignored at NY GOP gala as Trump, Cruz, Kasich push for votes

Andy Lyman

Headlines about Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates sent Susana Martinez to secondary status in a New York City gala to honor the New Mexico governor.

Gov. Susana Martinez during the 2016 Legislative Session. Photo Credit: Andy Lyman.

Andy Lyman

Gov. Susana Martinez during the 2016 Legislative Session. Photo Credit: Andy Lyman.

The Republican Party in New York state invited Martinez, the Republican Governors Association chair, to be the guest of honor at an annual gala that serves as a fundraiser for the party.

But after the Republican presidential nomination battle stretched on to make New York a key state, all three remaining Republican candidates decided to also attend the gala.

The event took place just five days before New York Republicans go to the polls.

Martinez, for her part, joked about the Republican primary.

“It’s been an interesting campaign,” she said. “Why don’t we just do ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and get it over with?”

Businessman Donald Trump, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio governor John Kasich attended the event. The three are the remaining candidates (or rock, paper and scissors) on the Republican side.

Martinez was introduced as a possible Vice Presidential candidate for Republicans. Martinez has consistently denied any ambitions for national office.

Last week, New York Republican Party chairman Ed Cox mentioned Martinez as a possible Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

The New Mexico governor did not endorse any of the three remaining Republican presidential candidates while speaking on Thursday night. Martinez previously endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio, but he dropped out after losing his home state to Trump.

Martinez said after this that she would remain neutral in the Republican race.

As with any event involving the businessman, Trump became the center of attention. Martinez’s participation was either deemed secondary or even ignored in many media reports.

The Wall Street Journal mentioned the gala was ostensibly to honor Martinez. The Dallas Morning News said Martinez warmed up the crowd.

Stories from the New York Times and Associated Press failed to even mention Martinez’s presence, instead focusing on Trump.

The New York Times mentioned “a sober turn for the Republican front-runner” while the AP mentioned his defense of “New York values.”

Cruz, meanwhile, said his attacks on New York values were instead against the “liberal politicians” in New York City according to the Wall Street Journal.

As for Martinez, the media attention seemed to match the attention from the attendees.