May 17, 2016

Voters have low opinions of Clinton, Trump

Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump at CPAC 2011. Flickr /cc

Voters in New Mexico don’t have favorable views of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, according to a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling for NM Political Report.

3The same poll that shows Clinton leading Trump and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson also shows that neither of the major party candidates are well-liked by voters.

Just 35 percent of voters have favorable views of Clinton to 54 percent who don’t view her favorably.

That is slightly more popular than Trump, where 32 percent of voters have favorable views of the New York businessman compared to 60 percent who don’t.

Trump is far underwater among Hispanic voters. Just 21 percent of Hispanics give him a favorable rating to 74 percent who hold unfavorable opinions of the businessman. Nearly half, 49 percent, of Hispanics view Clinton favorably while 37 percent hold unfavorable views.

Clinton’s favorability among white voters is nearly the mirror image of Trump’s among Hispanics. Just 23 percent have favorable views of Clinton to 70 percent who hold unfavorable views of the former Secretary of State.

Trump can’t take advantage of this because of soft support by white voters in the state; just 44 percent have favorable views of Trump while 46 percent have unfavorable views of the Republican standard bearer.

Public Policy Polling conducted the poll based on questions submitted by NM Political Report. The pollster does conduct polls for Democratic campaigns, though no campaign or other group outside NM Political Report had input on this poll’s contents.

The poll surveyed 802 likely New Mexico voters. The poll was conducted from May 13 to 15 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent for topline results. Crosstabs with smaller populations will have larger margins of error.