May 25, 2016

Trump calls protestors ‘thugs’ and ‘criminals’

Andy Lyman

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump fired back at Albuquerque protestors who took the streets in a chaotic display Monday night.

DSC_0604Trump used his favorite medium: Twitter.

Trump referred to the protestors as “thugs” and said they were “flying the Mexican flag.”

Around a thousand protestors gathered throughout the day, leading up to the Trump rally. For the most part, they were content to wave signs, flags (including three Mexican flags) and chant slogans.

Some protesters broke through the barriers and attempted to enter the Albuquerque Convention Center while Trump spoke.

Albuquerque Police Department officers, led by mounted police, forced protesters back from the building.

After Trump finished his speech, some protesters began throwing rocks at police, and police further pushed the protesters back. By this time, the majority of the protesters had already left.

Those who stayed made their way towards Civic Plaza, where they eventually again confronted police, prompting APD to fire back with smoke canisters and pepper spray.

Trump did have good things to say about some in Albuquerque Tuesday night; “The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!”

An estimated 8,000 people attended the Trump rally inside; some were protesters who interrupted Trump’s speech and were dragged otu by security and police.

He did not end his tweet as he does so many others, with “Sad!”