June 13, 2016

ABQ City Hall on lockdown

Albuquerque City Hall Photo: Andy Lyman

UPDATE 7:25 pm: APD spokesman Tanner Tixier is telling reporters that the man in the tie is not suspected to be related to the investigation. Tixier said reports started with a call to the police about a man running around in city hall saying someone was shooting and people had been shot.

More calls with scattered information came in what Tixier called “a really bad game of telephone.” When asked if this was a possible prank call situation, he answered that it’s “very possible.”

Tixier says search will continue for a few hours, room by room, floor by floor. The first man detained remains in custody. Tixier said the police have had problems with him before, but aren’t sure if he’s tied to this investigation.

UPDATE 7:13 pm: KOAT-TV’s helicopter camera showed police escorting a second man from the City Hall basement ramp. The man is handcuffed, wearing a tie and dress shirt and appears calm; it’s unclear what role, if any he’s played in the situation. Police are questioning him on the sidewalk.

UPDATE 6:45 pm: Police say they’ve detained one person in connection to the investigation, who is currently being questioned.

The original post follows. 

Albuquerque police are investigating a possible active shooter and hostage situation at City Hall Monday evening.

Albuquerque City Hall Photo: Andy Lyman

Albuquerque City Hall Photo: Andy Lyman

Police established a perimeter around City Hall and City Plaza, according to a law enforcement update.

“Information is limited at this time, but it is being reported there is a hostage situation,” Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Michael Schroeder said in a statement to press. “Citizens are advised to avoid the area.”

At the same time, police are reporting on Twitter that they have “no evidence of an active shooter” and are “trying to confirm if there’s an active hostage situation.”

City Councilor Pat Davis* took to Twitter to report that he and other people in City Hall “are safe, locked down.”

* Pat Davis is the executive director of ProgressNow New Mexico. ProgressNow New Mexico helps find funding for NM Political Report. Neither Davis or anyone else at ProgressNow New Mexico has editorial input on stories by NM Political Report.