June 17, 2016

Clean sweep: Final NM superdelegate goes for Clinton

All of New Mexico’s superdelegates announced they will support Hillary Clinton next month at the Democratic National Convention.

Democratic Party of New Mexico Vice-Chair Juan Sanchez III, the youngest superdelegate in the nation, announced via Snapchat (ask your kids what it is) Friday that he will cast his delegate vote for Clinton in November.

Sanchez is the ninth and final superdelegate from the state to announce support for Clinton. Shortly after the Democratic primary, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Debra Haaland announced she would support Clinton based on the results of the primary.

.“After serious consideration and celebrating record turnout in New Mexico’s primary, I’m proud to say I’m with her and pledge my delegate support to Hillary Clinton,” Sanchez said on his Snapchat video.

Clinton narrowly defeated Bernie Sanders in the New Mexico Democratic presidential primary. That same night, Donald Trump won the Republican primary with 70 percent of the vote and received all 24 of the state’s delegates.

Sanchez also drew a Hillary Clinton campaign logo in the video, which is embedded below.

Among pledged delegates, Clinton won New Mexico 18-16. But when the superdelegates are added, her victory among delegates in the state moves to 27-16.

Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee, though Sanders has pledged to continue his fight for the nomination until the DNC.

The DNC takes place July 25-28 in Philadelphia.