June 29, 2016

Group scores lawmakers on transparency, ethics bill votes

Common Cause New Mexico, a group that advocates for ethics and campaign finance legislation, released its first legislative scorecard this week.

RoundhouseThe scorecard is designed to track the legislators’ performance on ethics, transparency and good government bills.

Common Cause New Mexico did not name anyone “champions” or “opponents” as other advocacy groups do with their scorecards. Instead, it just shows how legislators voted on five bills in 2015 and six bills in 2016.

“The report is in keeping with our pledge that everyone—legislators, lobbyists and advocates—needs to be held accountable for their actions, their votes, their contributions and expenditures,” Viki Harrison, director of Common Cause New Mexico, said.

“Everyone deserves to know how their legislator votes on issues affecting money in politics, and this report card is our first effort to record the votes of elected officials on these issues,” Heather Ferguson, the Common Cause New Mexico legislative director, said. “It will not be our last.”

The bill tracked the votes on the House and Senate floors as well as in committees. If a bill made it to the floor, the floor vote was included, since all legislators have a chance to vote on the floor and do not necessarily see the bills in committee.

The full scorecard can be seen here.

Common Cause New Mexico 2015-2016 Scorecard by New Mexico Political Report

Update: Added an embed of the scorecard.