November 29, 2016

This Giving Tuesday, support NM Political Report

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day devoted to donating to worthwhile causes.

As we have seen in the past few months, high-quality journalism is definitely a worthwhile cause. Newsrooms around the country are shrinking, with even the biggest newspapers cutting staff.

As a non-profit news outlet, we do not accept advertising but instead rely on donors to fund our journalism. We don’t have the patronage of an eccentric billionaire who is a fan of journalism, we don’t have a corporation underwriting our journalism and directing what we can and can’t write.

Instead, we have you, our readers, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning.

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When we launched in January of 2015, we didn’t know if we would exist much past that year’s 60-day legislative session. It was an experiment to see if New Mexicans wanted more coverage of the local and state politics that impact their lives, even as newspapers, TV stations and radio began to drift away from coverage.

New Mexicans responded by reading our articles, sharing them on Facebook, retweeting our Twitter account and emailing them to each other.

Now, nearly two years later, we’re going strong. In fact, we will soon be announcing a new big hire to expand our coverage in an oft-forgotten but important area later this week.

So on this Giving Tuesday, please consider adding NM Political Report to the list of worthwhile organizations you’re supporting.

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-Matthew Reichbach

Editor of NM Political Report

PS: Want to donate but Don’t want to pay online? Just mail and ask for our address. We’ll let you know where to send a check in the regular mail.