December 20, 2016

Incoming DA announces panel to look at retrying case in James Boyd shooting

Raul Torrez

Andy Lyman

Raul Torrez

Two weeks before he takes office, incoming District Attorney Raul Torrez announced he had formed a team of prosecutors that will review a high-profile officer shooting case in Albuquerque. The goal is to determine whether to prosecute the case again.

Torrez will officially take office as the 2nd Judicial District attorney next month, but on Tuesday said he already convened a group of seven district attorneys from around the state to review the controversial case involving Keith Sandy and Dominque Perez. Sandy and Perez were Albuquerque police officers who were charged with the death of homeless camper James Boyd.

The first trial ended in a hung jury. Since then, the charges against Perez were dropped.

Torrez told reporters he plans to receive a recommendation from the group early next year. After that, he’ll decide whether or not to retry the case.

“I am still determined to provide for an expeditious and professional review of this case for the benefit of all the parties involved and the community at large,” Torrez told reporters.

According to Rick Tedrow, President of the New Mexico District Attorneys Association and San Juan District Attorney, the team will compile “pros and cons” for retrying the case. In a trial earlier this year,  nine of the 12 twelve jurors found the two officers not guilty.

Of the jury’s split decision, Tedrow said, “It sends a message.”

Torrez said while his decision may be different from the team’s recommendation, he plans to make the decision-making process public.