April 4, 2017

Police investigating slur written on gay-friendly club

Photo Credit: eviloars cc

Graffiti of a slur against the LGBT community on a private gay-friendly club in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill prompted police response and outrage from advocates.

The graffiti, which said “F— You Fa–,” was scrawled on the walls of the Albuquerque Social Club Monday. Police were called to look into the incident.

Albuquerque Police Department officer Fred Duran told NM Political Report the incident sparked additional officer patrols in the area Monday night. He added that police have not found the culprit who wrote the graffiti, which has since been washed off.

KOB-TV also reported the Albuquerque Social Club received threatening and harassing phone call from someone threatening to rape and kill the club’s employees. Duran said he was unaware of this incident.

Angie Poss, who sits on the board of the Social Club, told NM Political Report that the incidents prompted the board and the management to start a conversation on safety.

“The response from community organizations and businesses has been overwhelmingly supportive and they are planning a solidarity rally this Sunday at noon in front of the Social Club,” Poss said in a statement. “We want the threat maker(s) to know that we aren’t afraid, and we won’t hide at home.”

The threats prompted State Auditor and Albuquerque mayoral candidate Tim Keller to use social media to call them “unacceptable.”

“The Social Club provides an important safe space for many people in our community,” he wrote. “Let’s stand together against intolerance.”

Owners of the Social Club could not be reached before press time.

Updated: Wednesday, 11:30am with statement from Social Club board member Angie Poss.