June 13, 2017

AMA elects ABQ doctor as group’s new president

A prominent national medical group that opposes a Republican health care reform proposal now has a leading voice from New Mexico. The American Medical Association elected Albuquerque oncologist Barbara L. McAneny, M.D, Tuesday as the organization’s new president-elect.

In a written statement released by the AMA, McAneny said she plans to use her position to advocate for both physicians and patients.

“The AMA will play a pivotal role in the changing health care environment as our nation confronts pressing health care issues,” McAneny wrote. “With vision and perseverance, I look forward to creating a brighter future for patients and the medical profession.”

McAnenny is not stranger to testifying in congressional meetings. Last year she spoke to the House Energy and Commerce about Medicaid reform.

An AMA press release called McAneny a “successful businesswoman” and a “greatly respected leader at the state and local level.” The announcement also said McAneny worked to establish state medical programs to help cancer patients in underserved rural areas of New Mexico.

A vocal critic of the Republican healthcare overhaul, the AMA recently sent a letter to congressional leaders, expressing concern for the Republican sponsored American Health Care Act (AHCA), which is aimed at replacing the Affordable Care Act passed under the Obama administration.

According to the AMA, McAneny will serve as president-elect for a year and in June 2018 she will take over the role of president.

The AMA is the largest organization of physicians in the United States.