July 26, 2017

Is the Democratic Party’s “Better Deal” really better for Black America?

The title presents a question that America, one hundred fifty four years after enacting the Emancipation Proclamation, continues to display a stern resistance to answer. Since the end of the Civil War, an oppressive culture with the complete social advantage to enact policies, procedures and regulations to support as well as enforce its agenda has brutally dominated this nation’s black population. The Democratic Party is introducing to the nation their agenda for America, themed “A Better Deal.” Any deal offered by the American government and/or its political parties intended to improve the quality of life for the citizenry which does not contain an infallible concerted effort to deconstruct race in America will not and cannot be consider as an “art,” or “new” and definitely not a “better” deal. This statement is specifically true for Black America. However, the truth this nation must now accept without the effective dismantlement of the construct of race that the ideal democracy crafted within the words of the constitution will never become reality for any American.

The Democratic Party has spent the past months since the 2016 election on conscious effort to deliver to the American public a coherent message. Recent polling shows that 52 percent of American believes the only thing the party stands for “is being against Trump.” Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, admits that casting blame on anything other than the party’s own failure to convey a clear stance along with a plan of action beneficial to the voter is further exercise in futility.

Furthermore, any analysis of the Democratic Party’s recent failures that is devoid of its constant marginalizing of the Black community is indeed counterfeit and will hamper the party’s efforts to regain control of  Congress. It is important that Democrats understand that their messaging must be coupled with a fresh thought process that is committed to achieving efficient effective policy if they expect to change their fortune. And while presenting a definite message with a relevant stance is important, it is not the biggest concern for Black America, the most progressive voters in the nation.

Democrats must present a deal that is steeped in reversing the missteps of the Reconstruction Era. Black Americans believe that there has been a glaring omission of the intersection of the construct of race in American politics. The current administration over the last six months is enacting policies that increase unjust practices and encourage profiling as well as obstruct voting rights. For the deal to be better for Black Americans, Democrats must be committed to deconstructing race and racism in America. Only when the walls of this divisive construct are demolished in our society can America ever achieve real democracy and the greatness it craves.