November 3, 2017

Another reminder to support local journalism

This week saw another crushing blow to local journalism in this country.

After DNAInfo in New York City and Gothamist voted to unionize, their owner, billionaire Joe Ricketts, responded by shutting down the entire network of local, neighborhood-level journalism in cities across the country.

This latest occurrence underscores, yet again, the importance of local journalism. And of supporting local journalism, the type of journalism we do here at NM Political Report.

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I think many of us subscribe to the big newspapers—I subscribe to the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times digital editions.

But those editors and reporters aren’t the ones in our local communities, digging up stories of corruption and waste, stories of malfeasance and outrage among local government officials and others.

That’s one reason why NM Political Report is around. We felt there was space to cover New Mexico journalism in a way others aren’t. We’re dedicated to covering the environment, how policy changes impact people and rooting out corruption.

We have a track record that shows with our small staff, only three people currently, and limited resources we still do great journalism.

We don’t have a Joe Ricketts to pull the rug out from under us. Instead, we have a community of readers who support us and make sure that  we can reveal problems with a sweetheart water deal for a politically-connected rancher in a small community or investigate why the state doesn’t want to talk about the levels of lead in water that children drink or look at drying groundwater wells in the East Mountains.

You can help by donating, making sure we can continue to break these stories and provide the best election coverage as crucial 2018 elections draw ever-nearer.

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