May 31, 2019

On comedy show, Haaland speaks about lack of visibility of Native Americans

Screenshot of Deb Haaland on "Klepper."

New Mexicans watching Comedy Central Thursday night may have spotted a familiar political face.

U.S Rep. Deb Haaland appeared on the cable network’s “Klepper” to discuss her thoughts on the lack of public visibility of Native Americans.

“I think we’re not talking enough about Native American issues right now,” Haaland said. “Missing and murdered indigenous women is not anywhere near the level of discourse that it should be in our society.”

The show’s host, Jordan Klepper, asked why she would want to try to make change within Congress, which Klepper joked had a lower approval rating than acne.

“I try to look at things as an opportunity,” Haaland answered.

Haaland was briefly featured in the episode, while she packed up her kitchen in Albuquerque in preparation for her move to Washington D.C earlier this year.

The episode also featured New Mexico-based artist Cannupa Hanska Luger, who grew up on the Standing Rock Reservation, and consultant Crystal Echo Hawk of Pawnee Nation.