December 3, 2019

This Giving Tuesday, support local, non-profit journalism

I helped start NM Political Report five years ago. My first day was December 1, 2014. 

We knew that New Mexico needed an outlet to cover hugely important stories that just weren’t being covered by newspapers or TV stations around the state. In the years since we began, we’ve grown and become an important part of the state’s news landscape and we’re still covering stories no one else will.

Five years ago, we decided that we would be a non-profit and not chase ad revenue or fill your browser with pop-ups. In that time, we’ve never placed an ad on our site.

On this Giving Tuesday, consider making a one-time or monthly donation to make sure we can keep going.

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We don’t have a big corporation funding us. We don’t have a billionaire sending money every month. Instead, we have you, our readers.

In our nearly five years of publishing, we’ve broken big stories. We’ve started coverage on stories that got national attention. We write about things that make other outlets follow our coverage (sometimes with acknowledgement that we came first, sometimes without).

And we want to keep pushing the envelope on covering important stories on the environment, the fight over legalization of cannabis and reproductive justice. We want to give you more than just the surface stories on elections and important actions in Santa Fe during the legislative session.

So please, donate today.

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