March 28, 2020

Department of Health launches online portal for COVID-19 test results

The New Mexico Department of Health announced Saturday the launch of two new online tools for New Mexicans to use during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Individuals who have already been tested can check for their results online by using the new portal and creating an account. Users will need to provide their name, date of birth and the date of sample collection to receive results. If test results are not yet available, the portal will indicate that they are pending. If test results are available, a person will be required to provide an email address and contact information and to create a password in order to access their information.

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will be informed via phone call by their provider or by DOH, and the portal will list their results as pending until they are notified, DOH said. DOH will then begin working with the patient on a “contact investigation” to determine if anyone the patient came into contact with might also require testing. Negative test results will be displayed on the portal.

Individuals who are sick or wonder if they should be tested for COVID-19 can now visit this webpage to determine if they need to be tested. The page allows individuals to self-screen for COVID-19 by answering questions.

“These online tools will go a long way toward giving New Mexicans the health information they need as soon as possible,” said DOH Secretary Kathy Kunkel. “Regardless of any test results, however, residents need to continue to stay home, avoid all unnecessary travel and protect themselves to avoid COVID-19 transmission. It’s the best way to keep people healthy and stop the spread of this potentially deadly virus.”