January 10, 2023

Mexican wolf crosses I-40 boundary in New Mexico

Jim Clark/U.S Fish and Wildlife Service

A Mexican wolf has crossed the Interstate 40 boundary of the experimental population area in New Mexico and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is warning people that the wolf is protected under federal law. The law prohibits livestock owners and members of the public from hazing or harassing the canine unless the wolf is actively posing a threat to human safety.

While the state wildlife agency has not provided specifics about where the wolf is roaming, the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team has advised private landowners in the vicinity.

The female wolf was raised by the Rocky Prairie pack, which is generally found in Arizona. She left the pack in late 2022 and wildlife officials have been tracking her movements.

She is identified as f2754 and is wearing a radio collar.

Mexican wolves look similar to coyotes, but coyotes are smaller and have more pointed ears and a more narrow, pointed nose. 

Illegal killing of Mexican wolves can lead to fines or criminal charges.