March 11, 2023

Bills to prohibit natural gas, gas station bans tabled


Two bills that would limit local governments’ ability to control what types of fuels are available in their jurisdictions were tabled in the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee on Saturday.

Both bills were sponsored by Rep. Martin Zamora, R-Clovis, and Rep. Harry Garcia, D-Grants.

HB 430 would have prevented local governments from banning new gas stations and would prevent them from requiring electric vehicle charging stations at gas stations. 

HB 431 would have prevented local governments from restricting the use of certain fuels. This would prevent cities from banning natural gas or propane. 

No local governments in New Mexico have attempted any efforts that HB 430 or HB 431 would restrict, but Zamora pointed to California as an example of a place where some cities have banned new gas stations and where new gas appliances have been banned.