May 18, 2023

Community solar projects delayed once again

The announcement of community solar projects was once again delayed this week following complaints and concerns about the process for scoring the applications.

InClime, the contractor that the state is using to oversee the community solar program, announced the postponement on Tuesday and provided more details on Wednesday.

“While we recognize the importance of timely project awards, our dedication to addressing concerns and ensuring a robust selection process necessitates carefully considering these matters,” InClime wrote in the postponement announcement.

On Wednesday, InClime provided details about the scoring system.

The Community Solar rule does not contemplate a sliding scale for workforce development. InClime is giving projects six points if the developer includes a commitment to offer workforce training or educational opportunities in certain communities. Projects where the developer has provided evidence that there is an existing and continuing partnership with a tribe, pueblo, local community or non-profit community organization registered in New Mexico also have been awarded six points.