May 23, 2023

InClime announces community solar projects

After two delays, InClime announced the projects selected for New Mexico’s community solar program on Monday.

InClime is the contractor hired by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to oversee the program.

Six projects in the El Paso Electric service area, 10 in the Southwestern Public Service Company service area and 29 in the Public Service Company of New Mexico service area were selected.

Each service area also has a waitlist of projects should one of the selected projects fall through.

The first deadline the developers face is coming up on June 21. They must pay a $2,500 per megawatt of alternating current fee.

The projects are distributed throughout the state.

Community solar allows people who would otherwise not be able to afford or access rooftop solar to benefit from solar arrays. That includes low-income households as well as people who rent or live in apartments. They do this by subscribing to receive electricity from the community solar projects.