July 20, 2023

Community solar organizations are now able to enroll subscribers

The state’s community solar program has reached an important milestone: developers approved by the program administrator can begin enrolling subscribers.

The program administrator, InClime, released subscriber disclosure forms to the developers on Tuesday. Rules developed by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission require community solar developers to use the same disclosure form. 

Community solar subscribers are people or businesses that opt to receive at least a portion of their power from a community solar array. 

Community solar is intended to benefit people who do not have the option to install rooftop solar. This includes low-income households, renters and people who live in apartments or townhouses. 

This form includes contract terms, including how much power the subscriber will receive and an estimation of when the subscriber may begin to receive power from the array. It also details the length of the term, what the subscriber must do to renew and how much it will cost to enroll as well as other details.

Before the subscriber enrolls in the program, the developer must show them a flyer, the subscriber disclosure form and the disclosure form index. 

In an announcement, InClime described the release of essential documents including the disclosure form as “a significant milestone in the journey towards a sustainable energy future for New Mexicans.”