August 21, 2023

QAnon-believing Las Cruces resident charged with threatening congresswoman

Joe Gratz


A Las Cruces resident is being charged with a federal crime for alleged threats made against a Texas congressman.

According to the complaint from May 28, as discovered by the Court Watch newsletter by Seamus Hughes, Las Cruces resident Michael David Fox allegedly threatened to kill a congresswoman from Houston, Texas, in a voicemail. The FBI did not identify the member of Congress. Fox made transphobic comments in the call.

The complaint charges Fox with violating the “Interstate Threatening Communications” law.

The expletive-filled call said, falsely, that the member of Congress was transgender and a pedophile and said, “I’m going to put a bullet in your fucking face.”

When FBI agents spoke to Fox at his residence, Fox admitted that he made the call and identified that a recording of the voicemail was his voice.

Fox also admitted to believing in QAnon conspiracy theories, including that, according to the complaint, “all over the world there were transgender individuals running governments, kingdoms, and corporations.”

During the conversation with the FBI, he allegedly “rescinded his threat… and apologized” and “understood how [the congresswoman] would feel threatened by his phone call.”

According to the Court Watch newsletter, this was one of nearly two dozen threats against public officials in the last eight months that were never previously reported in the media. This included threats against Republican congressman George Santos of New York and a woman who was charged with threatening to kill former President Donald Trump and his youngest son, Barron Trump.


  • Matthew Reichbach

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