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Lawmakers protected themselves when redistricting, report finds

New Mexico lawmakers protected themselves and their colleagues when they redrew political district maps crafted by a 2021 nonpartisan advisory […]

Ivey-Soto steps down from Rules committee chairmanship

State Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto stepped down from his position as the chair of a powerful Senate committee amid a scandal […]

As the last coal burned, San Juan Generating Station employees expressed a mixture of emotions

In the more than four decades he worked at the San Juan Generating Station, Allen Palmer saw units three and […]

Looking back at the San Juan Generating Station and those who fought against it

It was July 1, 1969. Representatives of Public Service Company of New Mexico and Tucson Gas and Electric signed an […]

Efforts are underway to craft legislation for regional water utility authorities

With only a few months left before the beginning of the legislative session, efforts are picking up to draft legislation.  […]