Turnout in NM passes 660,000, 82 percent of 2016’s total turnout

County clerks reported nearly 39,000 more votes on Thursday morning than in the Wednesday morning report, bringing the state’s turnout with five days until Election Day to 660,763. The numbers, provided by the Secretary of State’s office, showed that early in-person voting fell slightly behind the pace of early voting in 2016, which had the most early in-person votes of any election in state history. But absentee voting continued its steady increase, extending the record number of absentee ballots received by county clerks. As of Thursday morning, 292,066 voters had returned absentee ballots out of 384,162 ballot requests, a 76.03 percent return rate. 

A total of 368,697 voters had cast their votes through early in-person voting as of Thursday morning. The turnout reached 82.18 percent of 2016’s total turnout, which included all early in-person votes, absentee ballots and Election Day voting, and 79.29 percent of the 2008 turnout.

Turnout in NM passes 620,000

As of Wednesday morning, 621,788 New Mexicans had cast ballots for the general election, continuing the trend of heavy early and absentee voting. With six days until Election Day, statewide turnout is now at 77.33 percent of all votes cast in the 2016 election (including Election Day voting), and 74.61 percent of all votes cast in 2008, which is the state’s highest turnout election. The numbers were released by the Secretary of State’s office on Thursday morning. The turnout is now more than the total turnout in the 2000 election in New Mexico and more than any midterm election except 2018. Three counties did not report any new additional ballots since Tuesday’s update (Cibola, Sandoval and Socorro counties), so the turnout is likely even higher.

Voting slows as storm hits, but still on record-breaking pace

While voting slowed on Monday as a large winter storm blanketed much of the state, New Mexico remains on a record pace for turnout, and has reached nearly three-quarters of the total 2016 turnout with seven days until election day. As of Tuesday morning, 592,906 voters had cast ballots, just under 30,000 more than the previous day’s total, the lowest one-day increase since Oct. 14. The Secretary of State released the numbers Tuesday morning. It included the lowest day of early in-person votes since the start of expanded early voting (17,163) and the lowest total of returned absentee ballots since Oct.

Over 560,000 New Mexicans have already voted

New Mexico’s blistering voter turnout pace continued over the weekend, and the Secretary of State’s office reported 562,909 votes have already cast ballots in this year’s general election, with over a week to go until Election Day. The turnout represents 70 percent of the total turnout in New Mexico in 2016 (which included final absentee, early in-person and Election Day voting). 

New Mexico already shattered its previous record for returned absentee ballots last week, and as of Monday morning, 252,905 voters have returned absentee ballots. The Secretary of State’s office was not able to provide data on how many total absentee ballot requests were received by county clerks. It’s likely that the over 250,000 returned ballots represent about two-thirds of the total requests. Early in-person voting also continued to exceed that of 2016.

Over 485,000 New Mexicans have already voted

Voter turnout in New Mexico is quickly approaching half a million, as 486,626 voters have already cast their ballots as of Friday morning, according to numbers provided by the Secretary of State’s office. This included 259,193 voters who have cast ballots via early in-person voting and 227,433 who returned absentee ballots. While it’s unclear whether this is just regular voters shifting their voting forward, it appears New Mexico is headed toward record turnout this year. The updated number of requested absentee ballots was not immediately available, but it appears the percent of returned absentee ballots is nearing 60 percent. Voters must return absentee ballots by 7 p.m. on Nov.

Voter turnout at 440,000 as voting shows no sign of slowing

The turnout in New Mexico continues to surge, reaching 440,001 voters as of Thursday morning, 12 days before election day. 

New Mexico has not only shattered the absentee voting record set in 2008, according to the numbers provided by the Secretary of State’s office, but continues to exceed the early in-person vote total set in 2016—which was the year with the most early in-person votes in the state. As of Thursday morning, 228,653 voters had cast early in-person ballots, while 211,348 voters had returned absentee ballots. There are still plenty of absentee ballots waiting to be sent back or returned—the 211,348 ballots represent 55.41 percent of the 381,430 ballots requested by voters. Tuesday was the final day for voters to request absentee ballots, and the Secretary of State advises absentee voters to either mail them back by Oct. 27, to assure they arrive on time, or return their absentee ballots at a polling location.

Voter turnout crosses 380,000, as NM hits record absentee turnout

As of Wednesday morning, 381,995 people have cast ballots for the general election in New Mexico, including a record number of those who have returned absentee ballots. The new numbers provided by the Secretary of State’s office showed that 187,971 voters had returned absentee ballots—the most ever in an election, breaking the record previously set in 2008 of 172,136. The 187,971 were 49.43 percent of the 380,280 voters who requested absentee ballots. Tuesday was the final day for voters to request absentee ballots. All absentee ballots in New Mexico must be returned by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Nov.

Turnout passes 322,000, 40 percent of 2016’s total turnout

New Mexico voters continued to head to the polls and return absentee ballots early, as 322,880 voters had already cast their ballots as of Tuesday morning: 154,578 through early in-person voting and 71,939 through returning absentee ballots. The number of returned absentee ballots is now the second-most in state history, only behind the 172,136 absentee ballots returned in 2008, and is poised to break that year’s record total by tomorrow morning. As of Tuesday morning, 44.77 percent of all voters who requested absentee ballots have returned them. Today is the final day for voters to request absentee ballots. 

For their absentee ballots to count, voters must return them by 7 p.m. on Nov. 3.

As expanded early voting starts, turnout flies past 265,000

Over 80,000 voters cast ballots on Friday or Saturday, either through early in-person or absentee voting, bringing the total number of votes cast to 266,522, far outpacing voting at the same time in 2016 according to numbers released by the Secretary of State on Monday morning. The numbers represent the first day of expanded early voting, where county clerks opened more voting locations. As of Monday morning, 124,910 voters have cast ballots with early in-person voting and 141,612 voters have returned absentee ballots. The expansion of early voting on Saturday contributed to the rise in early in-person voting, with 43,643 voters casting ballots in-person since the release on Friday morning. And voters who returned absentee ballots nearly matched that, with 39,608 returned ballots in the same time period.

Absentee, early voting crosses 140,000

Absentee and early in-person voting continues to exceed the pace of previous years, as 142,091 voters have already cast ballots as of Thursday morning. As of Thursday’s release from the Secretary of State’s office, the number of returned absentee ballots passed the total number of early in-person votes, with 72,302 voters returning absentee ballots and 69,789 voters casting their votes in-person at early voting locations. Early voting is still in its initial, limited phase with one location per county. Expanded early voting, when totals typically leap when clerks can open additional early voting locations throughout the county, will start this Saturday. 

While NM Political Report does not have daily data from 2016’s elections until the expansion of early voting, this year’s voting has been much heavier than in that year. 

In 2016, 68,945 voters cast ballots early before the expansion of voting, which fell on Oct. 22.