How New Mexico’s U.S. Senators voted on Trump’s nominees

The U.S. Senate is working its way through President Donald Trump’s nominees for key positions. Republicans have generally been supportive of Trump’s nominees, with

a few  exceptions. Democrats have largely picked their battles over nominations, allowing some to sail through, while delaying others. NM Political Report will continue to track the floor votes by Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich on each of the nominees. When either of the Senators said before a vote, either in a statement or in a news story, that they would support or oppose a nominee, NM Political Report will indicate that.

Martinez endorses Rubio

Gov. Susana Martinez is getting off of the sideline and will endorse Florida Senator Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination. Politico first reported the news and reported that Martinez will go on the campaign trail for Rubio in Kansas and Florida this week. The conventional wisdom is that Rubio, who is currently in third place in delegates in the Republican race, must win Florida to have any chance at winning the nomination. Rubio has won just one of the fifteen states that have held caucuses or primaries so far. “Marco Rubio is a compelling leader who can unite the country around conservative principles that will improve the lives of all Americans,” she said in a statement according to the Washington D.C. website.

Poll: Cruz, Trump neck and neck, Rubio behind

A poll shows Ted Cruz holds the narrowest of leads over Donald Trump among Republicans in New Mexico, with Rubio the only other candidate in double-digits. The poll conducted by Research & Polling for the Albuquerque Journal found Cruz has support of 25 percent, Trump with 24 percent, Rubio with 19 percent and other candidates below ten percent among likely voters. New Mexico’s primary elections take place in early June, likely long after a candidate will have won the primary for both Democrats and Republicans. The three candidates leading in New Mexico are also the top three candidates among national Republicans in public polling. Because of the late primary date, New Mexico has seen just about no campaigning from presidential campaigns.