Udall, now in minority, says he still wants filibuster reform

Since joining the Senate in 2009, Sen. Tom Udall has been one of the main critics of the excessive use of the filibuster in the chamber. At the time, Udall was a member of the majority party and Senate Republicans frequently used the filibuster to stop legislation they disagreed with. Now, however, the shoe is on the other foot and Udall is in the minority. And that Democratic minority now uses the filibuster to stop legislation they disagree with. Bloomberg recently wrote about the change and said that filibuster opponents had “gone quiet” since moving into the minority.

Heinrich pitches in to help Rand Paul’s filibuster

It’s a rarity in the Senate these days: bipartisan cooperation. And even more of a rarity: a bipartisan filibuster. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a Republican, conducted a filibuster over the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of data. When Paul, who is also running for President, conducted his filibuster, it wasn’t only a few his fellow Republicans who helped him out—there were even more Democrats, including New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich. From the National Journal:
Seven Democrats spoke with Paul, compared with just three Republicans.