Trump to nominate Heather Wilson for Secretary of the Air Force

President Donald Trump announced he will nominate Heather Wilson to join his administration as Secretary of the Air Force. Wilson is a former congresswoman from New Mexico, representing the Albuquerque area. She is currently the President of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Perhaps more relevant to her nomination, she graduated from the Air Force Academy and served as an Air Force officer in Europe. According to Trump’s administration, Wilson would be the first Air Force Academy graduate to serve as as Secretary of the Air Force.

Around NM: Oil jobs, climate change, nuclear contractors and WIPP’s reopening

I’ll admit I took a break from the news over the holiday—a break from writing it and a break from reading it. Now that I’m catching up on what happened around New Mexico, I thought I’d share some of the most important environment news from the past couple of weeks. Because maybe some of these things slipped through your news feed, too. Jobs, jobs, jobs

The Carlsbad Current-Argus reported that Halliburton announced that it’s looking for 200 workers in the Permian Basin as it anticipates ramping up production. According to the story, the energy industry is planning to expand drilling in southern New Mexico and Texas, thanks to a rise in oil prices and increased political support.

Read: Email Heather Wilson sent to college staff about meeting with Trump

The same day that she met with Donald Trump, former U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson wrote in a letter to staff at the South Dakota School of Mines that the transition team contacted her over the possibility of serving in his administration. NM Political Report confirmed with communications staff the email was sent from Wilson to staff at the South Dakota School of Mines. Wilson has been president at the school since June of 2013. Wilson sent the email Monday afternoon, after news broke that she was at Trump Tower. “They asked me to travel to New York to talk to them this morning about possibly becoming the Director of National Intelligence,” Wilson wrote.

Heather Wilson in contact with Trump team over possible administration position

Former New Mexico congresswoman Heather Wilson looks to be in the running for a key national security position in the Donald Trump administration. Serafin Gomez of Fox News first reported on Twitter that Wilson, now president of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, is being considered for the position of director of National Intelligence. A spokeswoman for the school confirmed to NM Political Report Trump’s transition team has been in contact with Wilson. “President Wilson was contacted by the President-elect’s transition team late Friday afternoon,” Communications Manager Fran LeFort wrote in a statement. “They asked her to come to New York on Monday to talk to them about a senior national security position.