Trump’s VP pick headed to NM for fundraiser

The Republican vice presidential nominee will travel to New Mexico to headline a high-dollar fundraiser, according to a local TV station. Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, is Donald Trump’s running mate and will take the Republican presidential campaign to New Mexico on August 16. The fundraiser for the Trump Victory joint fundraising group, first reported by KOB-TV, will cost $2,700 to attend. If an attendee dishes out $5,000, they will be a VIP. Trump Victory is a joint fundraising group, which means donors can donate up over $100,000, which would go to the Republican National Committee and various state parties in addition to the Trump presidential campaign.


Trump’s ABQ fundraiser looks like it didn’t raise much

Only five New Mexicans gave a total of $32,000 to the joint fundraising committee that held a $10,000-per-person event in Albuquerque in late May. It’s unlikely the Trump Victory joint fundraising committee raised the $230,000 some might have expected for the May 24 event attended by 23 people who had paid to be there. A spokesman for the New Mexico GOP gave NMID that attendance number last month. Three New Mexicans donated $10,000 each while two others gave $1,000 each to the Trump Victory committee, according to a report filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission listing donations through June 30. Another joint fundraising committee for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump netted $13,450 from New Mexicans during the same period, records show.

‘Self-funded’ part of Trump’s campaign coming to an end in NM

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has bragged throughout the Republican nomination process that he was self-funding his campaign and that it meant he was not beholden to special interests like other candidates. That phase of the campaign is ending (though he was never fully self-funding his campaign and actively solicited donations on his website)—and it’s taking place in Albuquerque. Trump’s campaign will hold a $10,000 a plate fundraiser, hosted by Kevin R. Daniels. Daniels, who once owned a chain of funeral homes throughout New Mexico, told the Washington Post that Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus himself asked Daniels to host the fundraiser. Daniels said he expected 20 to 25 people to show up to the fundraiser.