NM Political Report, NMPBS launch Growing Forward

New Mexico Political Report is excited to announce the result of a months-long collaboration with New Mexico PBS: Growing Forward. 

Growing Forward is a new podcast about cannabis in New Mexico, thanks to a grant from the New Mexico Local News Fund. 

Reporter Andy Lyman and NMPBS correspondent Megan Kamerick have teamed up to produce ten episodes looking at the state’s current medical cannabis program, how it started and what New Mexicans could see in the near future in terms of legalization of recreational-use cannabis. 

You can hear episodes every Tuesday and the first one will be released on Sept. 22. Subscribe on your podcatcher of choice and check out the trailer below. 

Podcast: Recap of this week and what’s coming up next

NM Political Report senior reporter Joey Peters and reporter Andy Lyman sat down to talk about what we covered this week and what to expect next week. The two reporters talked a little about what a Trump presidency might mean for New Mexico, especially in terms of a new BLM rule and marijuana. They also recapped Peters’ coverage of the state’s Human Services Department leading up to the new special master announced Thursday and the fact that Gov. Susana Martinez is no longer chair of the Republican Governors Association.  

Podcast: Previewing Election Day in New Mexico

Tomorrow, as you may have heard, is Election Day. Voters (who haven’t already gone to the polls) will decide on not just the presidential election, but on a number of key legislative races. We spoke about early voting, and why we think so many more people took advantage of early voting this year than in 2008 or 2012. We also went through the key races in both the state Senate and House of Representatives, looking at which districts will determine who controls both chambers come January. And, of course, we touched on the presidential race, looking at recent polls that show Hillary Clinton with a small but persistent lead, and Gary Johnson’s race for 5 percent and what it would mean for the Libertarian Party in the state.