Read Lujan Grisham’s State of the State Address, annotated

Note: NM Political Report partnered with KNME-TV and KUNM-FM to annotate the State of the State address.

Video: The 2019 State of the State

Today will be Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s first State of the State address. Thanks to KNME-TV, we will have a livestream of her speech available below. We are also live blogging everything happening today here.

Live blog: Opening day of the 2019 legislative session

A new legislative session begins today, with a new governor and a revamped and enlarged Democratic majority in the state House. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham will deliver her first State of the State address to a joint session of the state Legislature some time after the Legislature starts the session at noon. Legislators, including many freshman, will be sworn into the House. We’ll be following it all day through our liveblog below. Note: The live blog should automatically update, no need to refresh the page.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s inaugural address

The following remarks are those as prepared for delivery. From this moment on, the podiums in this state are all exactly this tall. Thank you. Thank you all for being here. I want to especially thank my beautiful family for their unyielding love and support – Erin, Taylor, my brother Gregory, and the first Manny.

Our favorite stories of 2018

Note: This is part of our year-end series. See our top ten stories of the year. Matt’s favorite stories

NM Political Report is ending its fourth year (can you believe we’ve been around that long?) and looking back, I can see some stories that I’m very glad I was able to write. Some got a lot of attention—like taking an early look at what legislative races would be those to watch on election night. Interestingly enough, Democrats won five of the six races I had deemed “longshots” based on previous election results. I also looked at if 2018 would be a “year of the woman” in New Mexico.

2018 Top Stories: Numbers 10-6

Note: All week we will be counting down the top ten stories of 2018, as voted on by NM Political Report staffers. See them all here as they come in! 10) Cannon contamination

This summer, the Air Force announced it was sampling groundwater wells for traces of harmful chemicals found within firefighting foam used at the base from the 1970s until last year. The U.S. Department of Defense found that activities at 126 military bases had contaminated groundwater with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a class of human-made chemicals, often referred to as PFAS’s, that includes perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).Now, unsafe-levels of PFAS’s have been found in the groundwater below Cannon Air Force Base—and in wells that were tested off-base. The state of New Mexico issued a notice of violation against the Air Force and some members of the congressional delegation met with the Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson. -Laura Paskus

9) Progressives takes out moderates

Even before the general election, the state House was going to move to the left.

An open letter to those elected last month

Dear Democrats,

While you’re transitioning into your new roles for 2018, we respectfully ask you to consider these two words: Be better. Be better at accessibility. Be better at transparency. Be better at talking to the public about issues that are not on your agenda. Gov. Susana Martinez’s administration touted itself as the most transparent administration.

Support local journalism this Giving Tuesday

After Thanksgiving last week, we survived Black Friday and then yesterday Cyber Monday. But today is something very different: It’s Giving Tuesday, a day to at least temporarily shift away from consumerism and instead support worthy causes, including non-profits. NM Political Report is local non-profit news outlet. We’re a small team, currently with just three reporters and one regular freelancer. Why is supporting us so important?

2018 General Election liveblog

It’s the big day, Election Day. Our liveblog of the day and elections is below! It should refresh automatically, so no need to reload.

Report voting, ballot access programs through Electionland

Report voting, ballot access programs through Electionland

In 2016, ProPublica partnered with newsrooms around the country to tell the story of voting experiences. ProPublica is doing it again this year, and this time NM Political Report is a partner. The project focused on the problems people had when trying to vote—from long lines to harassment, to finding out your name is not on voting rolls and anything else that impacted casting your ballot.The project relies on regular citizens to be the eyes and ears on the ground—which is where you come in. To help out, sign up by texting VOTE to 81380. Or you can reach out on WhatsApp at +1 850 909-8683, Facebook Messenger at or tweeting @Electionland.