March 16, 2016

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Photo Credit: gak cc

This week, NM Political Report editor Matthew Reichbach appeared on Here & There with Dave Marash to talk the recently-concluded legislative session.

Photo Credit: gak cc

Photo Credit: gak cc

Reichbach appeared on Monday and Tuesday; on Monday the two largely discussed the state budget and how oil and gas was impacting different areas of the state budget. On Tuesday, Marash and Reichbach again touched on the budget but also spoke about other big topics, like Real ID legislation and what it means for New Mexicans.

If you missed the two shows, you’re in luck: They are both available as podcasts online (and are embedded in this very post) thanks to the folks over at Here & There.

Here is the March 14 edition, which was mainly focused on the budget.

And here is the March 15 edition, with a more wide-ranging look at topics from the session.