Report: Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise in NM

Anti-Semitic incidents in New Mexico, as well as the rest of the country, increased dramatically during 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, according to an annual audit from the Anti-Defamation League. The group’s Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents reported seven incidents in 2015, 11 in 2016 and seven in 2017 through the end of March. Those this year included two widely publicized bomb threats at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque. ADL also cited threats to a local website called ABQ Jew and an incident in an Albuquerque parking lot where a woman allegedly spit on a Jewish woman’s car and told her to “get ready for the next exodus” because of the election of Donald Trump. Suki Halevi, the ADL New Mexico regional director, also cited an interview on KSFR public radio with Christopher Bollyn, a conspiracy theorist who has called 9/11 “a massive Zionist Jewish crime.” The interview, which ADL said was apparently favorable to his point of view, occurred last summer on “Camp Lovewave,” a program that KSFR has since discontinued.

Talking SNAP controversy, DA’s race and more

NM Political Report editor Matthew Reichbach once again joined KSFR radio on Friday to discuss the week’s news. This time, Kate Powell subbed in for Zelie Pollon for the end-of-the-week wrap up of the big news from the wek. Reichbach talked about stories NM Political Report wrote about this week, starting with Thursday night’s big story about employees at the state Human Services Department testifying in federal court that higher-ups instructed them to falsify benefits applications. He also spoke about what candidates for District Attorney in Albuquerque said about working with Albuquerque police after strained tensions between the DA and police in recent years. You can listen to the whole thing below on your computer or mobile device.

Missed us on KSFR? Listen to replay here

This week, NM Political Report editor Matthew Reichbach appeared on Here & There with Dave Marash to talk the recently-concluded legislative session. Reichbach appeared on Monday and Tuesday; on Monday the two largely discussed the state budget and how oil and gas was impacting different areas of the state budget. On Tuesday, Marash and Reichbach again touched on the budget but also spoke about other big topics, like Real ID legislation and what it means for New Mexicans. If you missed the two shows, you’re in luck: They are both available as podcasts online (and are embedded in this very post) thanks to the folks over at Here & There. Here is the March 14 edition, which was mainly focused on the budget.

NM Political Report editor on KSFR tonight, Tuesday

NM Political Report editor Matthew Reichbach will be on KSFR each of the next two days. Reichbach will appear on Here & There with Dave Marash, a daily program that takes place during drive-time, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on 101.1 FM in the Santa Fe area and worldwide. The appearances, as with all Here & There with Dave Marash episodes, will be available as a podcast after the initial live airing. Reichbach will be discussing the recent legislative session. On Monday, the two will discuss the budget situation including how plummeting oil and gas revenues meant a much leaner budget than expect.

Odds and Ends: It’s an oil bust, not a slump

—A Susana Martinez adviser on energy policy said at an energy conference this weekend that the oil and gas market is in a “bust” period. From the Farmington Daily-Times:
“This is what a bust is. You lose the workforce,” said [Daniel] Fine, who is associate director at New Mexico Center for Energy Policy at New Mexico Tech. “Loss to the country and to the Southwest will be the workforce. It will be decimated at levels of less than $30 a barrel (of crude oil).”

NM Political Report on the radio

NM Political Report took to the airwaves on Friday. I spoke to Zélie Pollon, the news director at KSFR, about a couple of the pressing issues at this year’s legislative session. You can listen to the full discussion here or in the embedded audio below.. The discussion started with talk about a bill related to late-term abortion that the House Health Committee heard on Thursday. The committee heard public comment, but since the emotional public comment lasted for so long, the committee delayed committee discussion and a vote until Saturday.