June 15, 2017

Discussing the special session’s budget deal, tax overhaul failure

Photo Credit: gak cc

This week, NM Political Report editor Matthew Reichbach was on Here & There with Dave Marash, discussing the recent special legislative session.

The show appears on KSFR in Santa Fe and is available online for free.

Legislators met during the brief special session to address the state’s budget, making sure it would be balanced, as required by the state constitution. One piece of legislation, championed by Gov. Susana Martinez and agreed to by reluctant legislators, used severance tax bond money to help cover a budget hole.

Reichbach and Marash also discussed a tax overhaul proposal that did not clear a House committee. Democrats in the committee said the complex bill wasn’t introduced in time for them to analyze the bill.

A legislative analysis, which came out after the taping, showed a technical error in the bill could cost the state over $100 million.

A direct mp3 download of the show is available here.