October 16, 2018

Report voting, ballot access programs through Electionland

Report voting, ballot access programs through Electionland

In 2016, ProPublica partnered with newsrooms around the country to tell the story of voting experiences.

ProPublica is doing it again this year, and this time NM Political Report is a partner.

The project focused on the problems people had when trying to vote—from long lines to harassment, to finding out your name is not on voting rolls and anything else that impacted casting your ballot.The project relies on regular citizens to be the eyes and ears on the ground—which is where you come in.

To help out, sign up by texting VOTE to 81380. Or you can reach out on WhatsApp at +1 850 909-8683, Facebook Messenger at http://m.me/electionland or tweeting @Electionland.

Or you can use the web form at ProPublica’s website.

Early voting began last week (but will kick into high gear when early voting expands on Oct. 20) and we know that many New Mexico voters will cast their ballots before Election Day. That means the project is underway, and we want to hear from you about any problems between now and Election Day.

We’re excited to be part of this process, which will give us resources to cover voting problems in New Mexico. So please help us spread the news among your friends and social media contacts.