March 28, 2022

NM cannabis regulators recall products tainted with mold

The New Mexico Cannabis Control Division announced on Friday a recall of cannabis products sold by a local medical cannabis company. 

According to the announcement, products from Sacred Garden, a company that has retail locations in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Ruidoso and Santa Fe, were found to have higher than acceptable levels of mold. 

The products had passed pre-sale tests, but after a medical cannabis patient reported that they received tainted cannabis flower, the control division found contaminated products during a site inspection. The division will also reportedly require all other products from Sacred Garden to be retested before it can be sold. 

The recalled products include “cannabis bud, pre-rolls and food products” from the company’s Snow Cone and Protégé ’78 strains. 

The Cannabis Control Division is asking anyone who purchased those strains from Sacred Garden in the past 30 days to check for lot numbers listed here. The division is advising patients to either return their products or dispose of them if a patient finds that they purchased products with the recalled lot numbers. 

According to the division, the reportedly tainted cannabis was tested at 35,000 Colony Forming Units. Division rules allow no more than 1,000 Colony Forming Units. 

Inhaling cannabis contaminated with mold could cause throat or lung irritation and might lead to more serious issues for some people. Sacred Garden is also the cannabis company that initiated a legal battle that ended at the New Mexico Supreme Court over taxes on medical cannabis.